A classic in every generation

A classic in every generation

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  • 1897In the late XIX century Otto Rodolfo Suter and his wife Ana came to Argentina from Switzerland. They went to San Rafael, Mendoza, where they purchased 7 hectares of uncultivated land in El Toledano, Las Paredes, and continued the family tradition: to cultivate the vine. In these lands, Otto and Ana planted the first fallows.
  • 1900Grinding rudimentary Pinot Blanc grapes from vines brought to the country by French colonists, they produced the first seventeen barrels of wine made by a Swiss in Argentina.
  • 1910The Suter family brings Swiss Riesling and Merlot fallows that will give rise to its prestigious Riesling wines.
  • 1924At the end of 1924, O. R. Suter Winery won the Grand Diploma of Honour and Gold Medal at the Argentina Industry Fair.
  • 1936After the death of the founder, his son Juan Ernesto and his wife Ana, continue the work in the vineyards and winery.
  • 1942Suter starts producing red wine in Argentina.
  • 1965Suter Winery won the Gold Medal in the 1st. International Wine and Cognacs Contest in Tbilisi, USSR.
  • 1970In celebration of the 70 years of the Winery, they continued with the production of fine wines based on aging, which were done in Nancy wooden casks and also in bottles.
  • 1978Etiqueta Marrón wines and Viejo Suter red wine obtained the Gold Medal at the National Competition of Vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina.
  • 1987Suter Etiqueta Marrón wine obtained the Silver Medal at the International Tasting Competition Vinexpo France in Balyais-Bourgeais, France.
  • 1991Once again, Suter Etiqueta Marrón wine obtained the Silver Medal at the International Tasting Competition Vinexpo France Balyais-Bourgeais, France.
  • 1993Suter JS Cabernet and Suter Malbec wines obtained the Silver Medal in the 1st. International Wine Contest Vinadino '93 in Mendoza, Argentina.
  • 1999Suter Merlot Wine gets the Bronze Medal at Japan International Wine Challenge 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1999Etiqueta Marrón Pinot Blanc wine obtained the Silver Medal at the IV International Wine Contest Vinandino '99 in Mendoza, Argentina.
  • 2000Suter Chardonnay 1999 Wine obtained the Silver Medal at The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).
  • 2000Suter Cabernet Sauvignon Wine gets the Seal of Approval at the Japan International Wine Challenge 2000 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2001Suter Chardonnay Wine – Hundred years gets the Bronze Medal at the Chardonnay Du Monde competition in France.
  • 2012Suter Winery S.A. joins Peñaflor Winery Group.
  • Here we show the evolution of our labels in time.


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The User shall respond, in any case, for the truthfulness of given data, SUTER S.A. has the right to exclude any user who has given false data, without prejudice of filing a complaint.
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SUTER S.A. domiciled at: Arenales 460, Vicente Lopez, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the responsible for the Website.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Sale prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.